Driwash n Guard UK- Not just a waterless car wash

Back in 1991 Envirotech International brought Dri wash n guard (driwashnguard) to the U.K .
It was distributed via an independent team of distributors as the best way to sell this amazing new product was to simply show people with a thirty second demonstration and let the product sell itself.The term squirt the dirt was used . This was known as network marketing and the network grew to over 220k distributors through various parts of the world.
Driwash n guard was the worlds first waterless car wash and i believe still the best. But it is more than just a waterless car wash.It cleans,polishes,seals and protects all in one application on virtually any hard non porous surface.
It has a secret special blend of emulsifiers,wetting agents and lubricants that safely lift the dirt from the surface while the advanced nano technology polymers in the exclusive Polyguard 3 gives a durable long lasting U.V protection. This product will safely clean moderately covered non porous surfaces of dust,road grime and salt.
Back in the early nineties at the time of its launch some people would question as to how this can work without scratching? Just think to yourself,how viscous is water?
Many people would not know how an engine works or question it,they just start the car and drive.Lets leave the science to the boffins .What we do know is that driwashnguard works great and apart from being a great cleaner it is also probably the best polish in the world.
Driwash n guard waterless car wash is in fact so good it has been copied with many inferior reincarnations getting to market.
Dri wash n guard contains no silicone or wax, however it gives the deepest shine to any painted surface.
Even if your vehicle is just too dirty to not have to jet wash first,use driwashnguard as the best polish available.
Top tip … if you take your car to a show and need to get it ready for showing use dri wash n guard to finish it ready for judging. Gary wales used dwg on his Bentley Franay 1947 to prepare his then show car for the Pebble beach concours de elegance and won the show.
Dont just take my word for it buy a bottle of driwashnguard and try it for your self .In fact if you visit www.driwashnguard.co.uk you can enter your name to win a free bottle.