Cars Cleaned Using DriwashnGuard – waterless car wash

Without Water!

DWG on 1991 K Reg Volvo Fire Engine

Dri Wash N Guard UK have acquired this fantastic old Fire Engine to use at events and local shows for demonstrating and selling Dri Wash N Guard waterless car wash.

DWG ON 2007 Passat - Looks like New!!!

Our customer thought that his 9 year old VW Passat would never get its showroom shine back. However he was extremely shocked when after just 15 minutes we managed to get the vehicle looking like this. Dri Wash N Guard succeeds again!


Ferrari 355 treated with DWG Waterless Car Wash

We were asked to give a demonstration of DWG to this Ferrari 355 owner who was looking for a product that was easy to use to keep his vehicle looking pristine. Dri Wash N Guard waterless car wash lived up to expectations.

Bentley Treated with
Dri WashnGuard

This stunning Bentley GT has just had its first treatment of Dri Wash n Guard Waterless Car Wash. Robert, the owner, was truly amazed at the quality of the finish

It's not every day that you get your hands on an Aston Martin. We relished the opportunity to show this client just how good Dri Wash N Guard could look on this type of vehicle. Needless to say the client wasn't disappointed.

All the vehicles above have been treated with Dri Wash n Guard Waterless Car Wash. All you need is the Spray Polish and Microfibre Cloths. And for all you doubters out there - it does not scratch and you will enjoy a showroom shine on your car.