Driwashnguard – So What can you clean with a waterless car wash and Polish

Dri wash n guard waterless car wash and polish isn’t just for cleaning cars.
Areoplanes,helicopters,boats,yachts,motorbikes,trucks,buses and coaches are just some of the vehicles that benefit from a clean and polish with a dry wash cleaner.
Maybe you collect or show one of these vehicles.
You drive to the show ground on the day of the car show.The first thing your are going to want to know is where can you get a supply of water for cleaning before you polish your vehicle ready for judging and for the car tribe fans to drool over your pride and joy.
well you need not worry about that any more.Dry wash n guard from www.driwashnguard.co.uk is all you need.
Unless you have been off roading on the way, driwashnguard will do the job and more.
Paint work,glass,chrome infact almost any hard non porous surface will be cleaned and polished.
Use detailing brushes to work dwg into hard to reach areas such as door hinges and then use another dry brush and micro fibre cloth to polish off.
To attain the absolute deepest shine and if you have the experience use an electric buffing machine with a foam pad at no more than 1500 rpm to seal in the shine for an unbeatable finish.
For the ultimate finish on alloy components use dwg premium metal polish and then seal with driwashnguard polish.
Another fantastic product from the DWG range is the leather and vinyl cleaner and treatment. It doesn’t just clean leather it feeds it and lets it breathe while protecting without clogging the pores of the leather that some other treatments result in doing. The L & V treatment is also a great stain remover and can be used as such on fabrics and carpets.
Another great little known fact is that it can be used to remove chewing gum from clothing and seats.
If you own a public transport business the L&V treatment could save you cash and keep your seating in great condition.
DWG also developed the fabric and upholstery treatment for cleaning of any such surfaces with unbeatable results.
The result of thousands of independent distributors using the DWG range of products was that the products got tested to death on all sorts and types of surfaces and more uses have been found with fantastic results.
People started to use the driwashnguard all around the home on chrome,glass,shower doors,ceramic tiles,marble,white goods etc. A word of warning ,do not use on floor surfaces or the shower tray as it will become extremely slippery.
Having said that if you do have a surface that you want to make slippery such as; curtain tracks,doors or even the childrens slide in the garden have a go with driwashnguard you will be amazed.
Dri wash n guard is now available in a specific home version with lemon scent.
So DWG International have a full range of great products for your vehicles and home, not just a waterless car wash.

dry wash n guard stain remover

metal polishBentley treated with waterless car wash - drywashnguard