Dri Wash n Guard Waterless Car Wash

How To Clean And Polish Your Car
In Under 15 Minutes WITHOUT WATER
"No More Queuing At The Car Wash"
"No More Messy Brushes And Sponges"
Waterless Car Wash And Polish


Dri Wash N Guard Waterless Car Wash & Protective Glaze Best Selling Products - Dri Wash & Guard is the original and best waterless car wash and protective glaze polish.

Now available in the UK it cleans, polishes and protects your car, boat, motorbike and aeroplane. In fact any non porous surface will shine like new with the worlds best premier polish from driwashnguard.co.uk

Dri Wash N Guard Original Waterless Car Wash
When DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® Waterless Car Wash was introduced in 1991, the idea of a waterless car wash was simply unbelievable. An innovative technology that lifted the dirt from a vehicle without water leaving it completely clean. How could it be? This truly revolutionary technology combines more than 50 ingredients with DWG’s exclusive PolyGuard-3™ formula. DWG forms a protective seal that resists the penetration of dirt for weeks and leaves a gleaming finish.

A light buffing with a terry cloth or microfibre towel whisks away the dirt along with the haze, leaving a sparkling shine! With one spray of DWG, the dirt is emulsified and broken down, then lifted and suspended in the fluid as the haze forms. This breakthrough product is so versatile that virtually any hard, non-porous surface can be cleaned, polished, and protected without water: cars, boats, recreational vehicles, trucks, skis, buses, motorcycles, airplanes, and much more! An innovation in car care – cleans, seals, polishes, and protects without using a single drop of water!

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waterless car wash
dri wash n guard
DriwashnGuard Original
472ml Spray Nozzle Bottle
Waterless Car Wash
DriwashnGuard Original
946ml Refill Bottle
Waterless Car Wash
DriWashnGuard Original COMBO
472 ml Spray Bottle Waterless Car Wash
946ml Refill Bottle

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A fantastic product. My car looks like new

kevin murphy

I was originally shown a 30 second demonstration of dri wash n guard back in the early 1990 s on my car and was amazed with the results. This was the worlds first waterless car wash and polish and has been copied many times since but never surpassed. Back then i became a distributor and set up a valeting business using the products. Now after sometime ofvthe original and best waterless car was and polish not being available i have had it imported once again and sell it from this website.Buy a bottle today and i will give you the same 30 day money back gurantee that i had then.

kevin murphy

Dri wash n guard is so impressive that over twenty years ago when I was shown a 30 second demonstration I signed up as a distributor in the U.K. That demonstration of squirting the dirt on my car was both scary and exciting. Scary because I was convinced it would scratch my car and exciting because I instantly could see the potential for what was then an absolutely unique product that did an amazing job. There are now many copies, which is a huge compliment to the product but none live up to and produce the results of the best waterless car wash and polish in the world. As a result of selling the range of dri wash n guard products I have been to Las Vegas several times and met the genius who brought this to market, Mr Rodney Yanke. After a time of not being available in the U.K I now import a sell these fantastic products from my website www.driwashnguard.co.uk. Don't take my word for it , buy a bottle of Dri wash n Guard and try it for yourself. Mention my testimonial and I will give you a thirty day money back guarantee.

Kevin Murphy


What is Dri WashnGuard?

 Surely as there is no water then Dri Wash n Guard scratches the paintwork?

Does Dri Wash n Guard work on glass?